Bodies in Balance Mary Slight


I've dealt with back problems (including surgery) for the past 15 years.  In one session, Mary was able to pinpoint my areas of discomfort and alleviate a lot of my pain.  I will continue to work with Mary as she is a fantastic massage therapist who cares about her clients.  ~ Mellysa

I had the most AMAZING massage today at Bodies in Balance...Mary uses hot bamboo sticks on my sore muscles = incredible! I highly recommend! ~ Heather, Libertyville

This will seriously be your best massage ever. Not only is it pampering, but Mary's intuitive and knowledgable approach will ensure that you not only leave feeling amazing but healed. She has a way of unearthing the troublemakers in our muscles and not only making them feel better but figuring out where they come from with her incredible knowledge of how muscles connect and function together. Did I mention it feels amazing too?! ~ Kristi
Bodies in Balance is the perfect description of how Mary works with her clients. As a very, very sensitive person, my body often feels battered by the world and people around me. Mary is always able to bring me back to a sense of my own center and feeling comfortable in my own skin. Her intuitive knowing, guides her hands to push buttons that release tension without me ever telling her exactly where the pain is located. I just love when magic like that happens on her table! Mary is gentle, kind and strong at the same time. I feel safe with her in healing my self. You will too! ~ S.A.

I can attest that Mary Slight is amazing!!!! ~ Lindsey

5 star - Mary is an intuitive massage therapist.  She doesn't give the same massage every time, she works where your body needs it.  And she has extensive knowledge of the body's anatomy and systems that informs her work. ~ Angela

Mary is a gifted massage therapist. I highly recommend her for stress reduction, relaxation or to help heal an injury. ~ Kim

 I have had massages from Mary for many years. What impresses me the most is her intuitive nature in finding spots that hurt or are "angry." I've had various (issues) and she not only helps reduce the pain and improve healing but also gives suggestions to do on my own to speed up recovery. She employs various methods (bamboo sticks, essential oils) depending on what you need.

I have four very active children that Mary has helped through their sports seasons. They each said their best Christmas gift was a massage from Mary. They love how their body feels afterwards and also how they've learned more about how their body parts work together. Mary is a great massage therapist because she feels, listens, teaches and really digs in seriously~ Marsha